Aerbus is the Shuttle Service from Modena and Reggio Emilia to Bologna Airport, and vice-versa, offered by ATCM Servizi (society of SACA group) and active every day of the year, festive ones included.

In Modena it starts from city’s bus station, with the first route at 4.25AM, and does 5 other urban stops, allowing to arrive easily to Guglielmo Marconi Airport in only 50 minutes. Active everyday, the Shuttle Service does 6 roundtrips.

In Reggio Emilia the service is temporarily suspended.

Aerbus has become a reference point, safe, comfortable and cheap for everyone who needs to reach or depart from Bologna Airport without extra costs, without the stress for parking and without the task to driving, but deciding to relax completely or work on his/her own PC using internet connection aboard. All of this thanks also to prestigious Gran Turismo buses of 53 seats with free wi-fi, security cameras, 2 TV screens, comfortable seats and a huge trunk.

The last route from Bologna Airport is at 0.30AM, towards Modena.

For tickets purchase Aerbus offer 2 possibilities:

– Online booking or purchasing. Every purchase with credit card will grant a 5% discount.
– Purchasing the tickets on the bus itself.

Baggage transportation is completely free.

Now is even possible detecting Aerbus location from your device!

You have only to click below and do the login on the new page typing this:

Password: Aerbus100%

You’ll land on a map where to follow the position of the desired bus.
(We inform that in case of periodic maintenance, one of the two buses can be showed static in red light, replaced meanwhile by an emergency bus not visible on that map)

Aerbus Modena

Aerbus Modena